Deadlift and Truck pull charity event to fight cancer

Manteca, California | Event photography

I am lucky to be able to give back to the community through my event photography and even luckier to know people who put on awesome events to raise funds for great causes like the fight against cancer. The community really came together for this event to participate, volunteer and have fun. Be sure to read all the way to the end to watch the Strong-boys and Strong-girls as they lead the race to becoming the next generation of Strongmen and Strongwomen competitors. 

Pulln’ 4You raises funds that help support  different Cancer organizations by putting on Strongman events, learn more by following the Pullin’ 4You IG account

The day started out with a Deadlift that went up as high as 650 pounds. It was so fun watching everyone step up to see how much they could lift. For me personally, I was super stoked to see a woman lift much heavier than a lot of the men! WOOT WOOT!!! Not to mention a bad ass leading a volunteer group of recruits. Happy (early) Vetern’s day to each of them. 

Check out the 650 pound deadlift event in the video and see who the winner was! 


Special shout out to the women who inspired me to do more than just lift a 32 ounce cup of coffee on the daily, and maybe lift a weight or two, again. And in case you are wondering how hard can it be…. watch the next video to see Megan as she 

People actually pull trucks for fun? WHAT???

That’s what I said. I’ve seen it on tv before but never in person and I was just about ready to try too…. but I left it to the real athletes instead. 

Man, it was too cool.  The crown was cheering and going wild… especially when Megan got strapped in. She is a pretty petite athlete – but don’t let her size fool you – she is STRONG!!  Check her out. 

…. and after her how could the rest of the Strongmen not pull too!   

Can these kids be any more awesome??

The day wrapped up with a team effort of all the kid spectators becoming athletes. Yeah!!!! With little athletes like this, who weren’t afraid to try the future is looking bright! 

I wish each and everyone of the littles out at all sporting events to believe in themselves and know that the only way to ensure failure is to give up before they attempt it.

Want to join the fun?

If you are interested in checking out or even participating in a future Strongman and/or Strongwoman event be sure to follow on instagram these accounts: 

Pull’n 4You (Jayson, event organizer) 


and if you are looking for a female exclusive event (coming in May 20123) check out: 

Distance Unlimited (Letia) 


Check out this amazing community of Strongmen & Strongwomen!

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