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Feliz dia de las Madres! {baby bump!}

May 10th is Mother’s day in Mexico! Since everyone was bombarded yesterday with wishes I thought I would save this Mother to Be post for today!! 🙂 These two are going to be some of the best parents ever!! I’ve known Ligia forever. We met in grade school and are a lot alike. Especially in […]

Jose + Veronica = Baby Love

Meet the mommy: Meet the daddy: And the baby…. Oh he’s coming soon. This couple was so nice. They were very shy and very quiet. Which scared me a little, but not because of them. I am sooo outgoing and kinda loud I didn’t want to scare THEM! I think I didn’t- I hope. 😉 […]

Two Firsts all Rolled into One

I’ve been meaning to start a blog, as many ppl ask what I’m up to. Well here it is and what better way than with my First ever PreNatal shoot. This was a split shoot between the couple’s beautiful home located in Capitola, CA and on the beach as the sun was setting. The weather […]