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I’ve been meaning to start a blog, as many ppl ask what I’m up to. Well here it is and what better way than with my First ever PreNatal shoot.

This was a split shoot between the couple’s beautiful home located in Capitola, CA and on the beach as the sun was setting. The weather was perfect and we were lucky to have the most amazing sunset ever! See for yourself…

The mother to be was glowing during the whole session (it was a long one) and was quite the trooper! She was even started to get into a yoga position that is a bit of a make shift table – but I stopped her- i’m not ready to deliver a baby quite yet.. Plus I would have too hard of a time deciding if I should catch the baby or shoot it as it comes out– With my camera of course! 😉

Here are a few more beautiful images from the session..

Dad was on hand too..
For now I leave you with this wonderful silouette…
Thanks to the parents for entrusting me to Immortalize this Time
and best wishes!!!!