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I love Zoe & Milissa. They are some of my bestest friends! They are each awesome individuals but together they make a perfect couple!!

They are one of those couples that that really get it. They know that a relationship isn’t just about “me” but about us!

Another reason I love Milissa is because she is my awesome hairstylist! She Rocks- she always makes my mop look perfect!! If you are looking to change stylists I highly recommend her. You should give her a ring! She’s over at Plan Be, hair salon in downtown San Jose. They recently even added nail services! OOOH!  Anyways, I think one day I’m going to steal her from Zoe forever so she can do my hair every morning. 😉 Zoe watch out. Although Zoe is pretty handy too! He’s not only a fantastic real estate agent but also a fabulous handyman around the house!

And have I mentioned what awesome parents they are to their four legged kids?! Here are just three of them.

Zoe & Milissa as always … It’s fun to hang out with you!!! I can’t wait until I get to photograph your human kids!!!!