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Hi Everyone!

Thanks for stopping by.

This is where I am supposed to tell you all the great things that qualify me as a photographer worthy enough to create beautiful fun images for you.

I could tell you that I am an award winning photographer with work in a museum and that my work has been shown in galleries in Chelsea, New York. I could also tell you that I was recently accepted in to the WPJA (Wedding Photojouranlistic Association) and am now a member. I would then go on to also tell you that if you are looking for me to work on a commercial project, I have collaborated on a couple of albums which are being distributed by independent record labels. This would all lead up to me listing all the years of formal photography education I have received.

Although all those things are true, I don’t think any of that matters if my images don’t grab you. If when you look through my wedding and lifestyle photography you feel nothing, then none of my qualifications matter to you because after all photography is about emotion and memories.

What I will tell you about myself is:

-Hablo español! Yes I can speak to your great grandmother in fluent Spanish or any other person who would like to chat in Spanish.
-Photography truly is my passion. It’s such a cliché but it’s true.
-I love being around people. Everyone is unique and crazy – in a good way.
-My photography style is … well I don’t really classify it.
-When you are in front of my camera expect to laugh a lot. I’m pretty goofy and the most random stuff spills out of my mouth.
-I love Polaroid cameras & Holgas. Film is not dead!
-I cannot live without lip gloss & coffee. Strange combo huh?

If there is anything else you would like to know- drop me a note, or leave a comment on my blog.