Hi everyone!

This posting will definitely be longer than the usual. So go grab a cup of coffee from your favorite coffee shop ( my personal favorites are Roy’s Station, Barefoot Cafe & newly discovered Verve in Santa Cruz or if Starbucks is more convenient) and enjoy.

Amy was my sister’s first friend when we moved to San Jose back in grammar school. Years later, Thanks to Facebook we reconnected. I was so thrilled when Amy & Wayne honored me by asking that I photograph their wedding.

Amy & Wayne were made for each other, and this has been proven. They were even matched up twice. They are also the most laid back couple I have ever met! Rightfully so they live out in Santa Cruz. My second shooter, Micaela & I met them at their cute house by the beach and headed out to go grab Amy a surf board at the surf shop. As soon as we pulled up to Rip Curl I knew it was going to be an awesome session.

The dude at the store was awesome and let us have some fun! OMG! I was in heaven surf boards, flip flops & a great looking couple.

We then headed out to the beach to have some more fun!

We got really lucky the weather in Santa Cruz was in the mid to high 80’s!! I especially got lucky! You see I was in shorts (sans wetsuit) and as I waded into the Pacific Ocean amongst kelp and slippery rocks I was very thankful to have the sun beating down on me to keep me from freezing my lower half of my body. I know crazy!! But I definitely think it was well worth it!!

The waves weren’t huge -but we still had lots of fun!

And because everyone knows my first love is Black & White photography. I love the mood of these!

Amy & Wayne: Can’t wait for your wedding day to come. Everyone stay tuned I promise a GORGEOUS backdrop, some BBQ, Karaoke and even something for the kids! I might even tell you a funny story about Amy’s parents and how they met!!

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one final image: