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hi all! Warning- I had so many favorites from this session- it’s photo heavy.

So back in February I was contacted by an awesome hubby (and dad) telling me he wanted to surprise his beautiful wife with portraits of their daughter for her birthday. Well- I am always more than happy to help a guy out!! Especially when it involves a present for a wife and a surprise at that.

Read here guys- IF you ever need help coming up with an idea for a gift for your Girlfriend/Significant Other/Fiance/Wife/ BFF/Mom contact me – even if it doesn’t involve pictures. Ladies– I’m looking out for you!!

Anyways, back to the post. So we did two mini sessions one of just their daughter and him to give her something to unwrap and the second a family portrait session. He had mentioned at the first session that his wife was pregnant and it would be a great time for family portraits. When she showed up with a Baby bump I was surprised at her baby bump and excited to help them document this time in everyone’s life. Let me give you a little background here. I worked with Mr. P for a few years in High Tech, and at a company gathering Mrs. P attended. Being the rocking “hostess” that I can be I walked over and said hello to Mrs. P and offered her a drink, “beer/wine?” They both looked at each other and laughed (at me). Clueless I asked “WHAT?” They both look at her tummy & my eyes follow. OOOOH!!!!! Honestly at that point Mrs. P had the tiniest bump ever & I can be really clueless sometimes. So anyways when we met up for the session.. I was like OMG! You are pregnant!! -really I am a dork sometimes.

We chatted and I asked if their daughter knew she was getting a baby brother/sister. ( I am not releasing the baby’s gender in case anyone reading this hasn’t been told yet) They said they had told her that mommy had a baby in her tummy. What do you think this little girl replied??

How awesome will this be…say when she gets older and appreciates the little things her dad did for her?

oh and their daughter’s reply to her mommy having a baby in her tummy was……. Daddy has one too!! Kids say the funniest things! Disclaimer: I warned Mr P, I was going to share that with everyone!!

Many thanks to the P family! I always have fun being around you guys!! Can’t wait to see the new addition!!