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Happy Birthday Danilo!!!

I LOVE BIRTHDAYS!!!! Seriously who doesn’t? It’s not only a celebration of the life you have lived so far… It’s a celebration of the life you have still ahead of you and a celebration of the people around you,hat make it AH-MAZING! and Danilo together with his family did just that! CELEBRATE!!!!! His Girls ( […]

Superhero = made by loving mommy & daddy

This growing superhero has the best mommy & daddy! And no I am not just saying that because they will read this post. It’s the truth. PERIOD. So many times we meet someone and say “WOW what a great kid!” or “That little boy is so smart!” Why do we never say “That kid has […]

She’s the boss!

Mommy and I had been trying to schedule this session for a while, unfortunately she has a very demanding job and schedules were hard to coordinate. She’s a nurse! Finally we were able to get together and my only regret is I hadn’t met her and her family sooner! They were such a delight to […]

beautiful family!

I love how cute these kids are! They each had their own personality and I loved hanging out with them! I’ve known Debbie for so many years, and time goes so quick! Imagine, we originally scheduled this session three years ago.. and with one thing or another (she lives a few hours away) she was […]

Sneak peek…..

happiness…….is what these kids bring me as I edit the session as I relive it. more soon…

She’s walking!

make it RUNNING!! Such a  sweet little girl she is! We had so much fun wandering around – read here chasing after this little one. How many hearts do you guys think this cutie will break along the way??? I’m guessing too many to count!