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There was once a time that a wedding dress was worn once and then very carefully dry cleaned and sealed away. Never to be seen again…. until the day your daughter got married. When that occasion came, you would run to pull out your dress to offer it to her. A few scenarios then happened: a.) the dress had somehow been damaged (mold, moths, etc) b.) a dress that didn’t fit said daughter or was WAY out of fashion or c.) your daughter accepted to wear the dress.

Of course you can still do that. But isn’t it more fun to rewear your dress and have some really fun pictures done a few days/months or even a years later, without the stress of the wedding day?

Joann did just that! She had this beautiful dress and no pictures in it (long story). Last Sunday we met downtown for a photo session. Here are some of my favorites. It was a little cold, but the light was amazing.

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