I want to post a  full session of these 2 siblings however I will only be posting a BIG sneak peek today. Truly I do it to help you. I do not want you to get an overload of CUTENESS and blame me later because you have dog fever!!!

But in case you get dog fever anyways.. You should totally go to DogFest 2013 this Saturday in San Francisco. Details here.

I may be there for just a bit. If you happen to see me come up and say hello and let me know you read my blog. I may or may not have a goodie in my bag or on my phone for you!!! If you don’t see me and find a part of me there take a picture and tag me on instagram @marimaya or email me: info@marianamaya.com for a little something something from me.

and now … on with the sneak peek.

Bonus love from me if you can tell me which images were shot on film.

See ya next week with more from this session!

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