A few weeks ago I was not feeling so well. Physically, mentally and emotionally. I was in a FUNK! and not in a good way.

It was one of those weeks when you just need a day to run in wet sand and pretend you are 8 again without a care in the world. Spring had peeked out at us for just a glimpse and quickly retreated into the cold grey skies filled with moisture.

That weekend  the sun came out and I knew it was a sign to head  to Santa Cruz and journey back to a time when all that mattered was collecting seas shells and letting the foam from the sea wrap itself around your ankles.

The Mister wasn’t too happy to drive over the hill (because he drives around so much during the week), so I put on my best sad 8 year old little girl face and he said “ok honey, let’s go.”  All our mutt Jake needed was to hear the words where’s his leash and he was at the door jumping for joy at the thought of an adventure. Jake our mutt doesn’t care if it’s a 5 minute walk or a day at the park he’s always ready.

The sight of him at the door started my transformation to a simpler time in life.

I grabbed my Canon 35mm camera, some film and off we were.

We made our way over the the hill and Santa Cruz greeted us with a beautifully chilly day. The ocean was already filled with rubbery humans.


Santa Cruz acean full of surfers


We settled into a bench atop the hill  and watched in anticipation as the waves rolled in. We finally decided to walk down to the sand.

As I took the last step down into the sand.. my transformation back to my happy normal self was complete.  My funk was instantly gone!!!   I found a love note laying in the sand, waiting for me to find it! Reminding me that life is good!


Santa Cruz Love note


That day was one of the best days of my life!


walking on the beach


boxer-pitbull mix running on the beach