This post is a bit of a retro blog. I shot this last summer while in Puerto Vallarta!

It was an amazing day as they all are while on vacation. I was amongst family and so it was that much better. I had talked my niece into bringing with her on vacation one of her dresses. You see she is an amazing Mexican Folkloric dancer in Guadalajara. If you have never seen Mexican folk dancers you are missing out! Currently an awesome group is touring the US, Amalia Hernandez’s Ballet Folklorico de Mexico. I have never seen her but one of my friend’s just saw her and said I should go. So in a few weeks when they are in the Bay Area I just might go see them!

I had so much fun hanging out with her as I always do. I’m just a little bit sad that she lives so far away and can’t hang out with her more often!

I hope you enjoy these images as much as we enjoyed shooting them!!

Oh yea there’s a bunch because I had so many favorites!!

ok one more set!

Nandhi mil gracias por cargar con tu vestido! Para la proxima te traes mas!! 😉