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Today was a sad day for many. It marked the official retirement of Mrs. Brown my high school English teacher. I went to an all girls high school, Notre Dame San Jose. HA! I know what you are thinking! Yes, that explains many things. However this post isn’t about me, well it is, but let’s talk about Mrs. Brown. She was awesome! Granted she made us read stuff like Grapes of Wrath (do you know how long that is??) and a bunch of Shakespeare UM hello they have movies why read and then discuss it and then write papers on it?! UGH. However, somewhere deep down it was for our good to make us well rounded young ladies. Mrs Brown (along with the rest of my high school teachers and parents) knew that this kind of torture was good for us. And (just a few) years later, here I am writing. Even though I’m sure Steinbeck, Miller, nor Shakespeare would ever nominate me for a Pulitzer Prize for my writing, they might come back just to look at the pictures. So without much more rambling… Thank You Mrs Brown!

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Just in case anyone is wondering what is currently on my bookshelf check it out… I do have a few of my old high school books up there.. but definitely way more books with big pretty pictures. 😉
what's in my bookshelf?