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hey Pets are “people” too you know!! At least they think they are. These four legged babies are sometimes the first grandchildren  grandmothers get!

I know my  mom definitely got a four legged grandchild first from me!! HE HE  This may possibly be why I loved this session!!

Tricia and her mom came out for a session and brought their little baby out too! the day was gorgeous ! It was a perfect San Jose, California fall day!!

I really enjoyed watching Tricia and her mom hang out and tell stories. Her mom was absolutely the best! And together they were so comfortable with each other and it definitely shows! I can tell just form the little time I spent that they have a beautiful relationship!  This posting is going to be short in words, as I am currently blogging while on vacation in sinful  Las Vegas.

Instead I leave you with more immges! Enjoy!!

I love the expressions! Awww cute!!

Tricia & mom Thank you so much for sharing your time and stories with me!


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