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picnic timeI have known Carolyn (Cookie) since we were in 4th grade. That’s kind of a long time!!

We went to grammar & junior high school together. Then in high school and college we attended different schools.

We made new friends, did different things and followed different paths.

However our lives always remained intertwined!

Our friendship ALWAYS remained the same!!

We might not talk to each other every day like we once did but no matter what we are always there for each other!

Shooting her family portraits and watching the interaction between her kids reminded me of us when we were kids.

She is my sister from another mother.

(She’s older!!! hah a whole four days!)

I love you Cookie!

and now back to the pictures…..

Lili is so adorable.

A friend of Carolyn’s asked on Facebook (sneak peek)  how I managed to make Lili smile, because she never smiles for pictures.

Honestly she forgot I was there. She wasn’t smiling for the camera, she was smiling for herself!!

and this is a goofy picture that can only be captured from a real moment!

funny face, real life

Phil…. he’s very handsome. Poor mom she is going to cry when he gets just a bit older and girls start ringing the phone off the hook asking for him!

depth of fieldI had a blast! Carolyn thanks for sharing your wonderful kids with me!!!

They can come hang out with me anytime they want.