Now I know my ABC’s won’t you next time sing with me? And sign he does!!

This is my adorable little nephew. I call him LMNOP. His first name starts with an L and his middle with an M so one day i just busted out with the ABC’s tune and made his name sing-songy. Little did I know then that this kid would “grow up” to sing. Sometimes when it gets really quiet in the house you hear his little voice breaking out in song in some other room. {Awwwww isn’t that cute?} OK Auntie moment over. But seriously he is cute!

His hair is long! He wants to be like one of his big brothers who also has long skater kid hair. But LMNOP’s is always in his face!!! It drives me crazy!! Since I know I will always remember that about him, even when he is a surgeon or a big time lawyer (He He) I thought these images of him as such were perfect!  This si something I love about doing child portraits – I let them be them! And I never expect them to look like their school pictures.  😉

With spring around the corner and mother’s day/father’s day not to far off I’m starting to book up for these fun portrait sessions. Contact me to book your child’s!!

The below are just a few of my favorite images.

Did I mention he loves Disney’s Buzz Lightyear ( To infinity and beyond!)