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Found objects are magical. They hold a past and a present, which many times will remain a mystery.

Little Miss Adventure is one of those magical found objects.

I imagine she very recently had an owner who loved her so very much. This little owner would take Little Miss Adventure on many fabulous journeys! Together they would visit the most beautiful lands. One of those lands was Dreamland. Each trip into dreamland was different and exciting, oh how Little Miss Adventure loved to visit with her owner.

On this fateful day, Little Miss Adventure and her owner found them selves swinging on red vine ropes high above a cloud as fluffy and sweet as that made of marshmallows. Suddenly Little Miss Adventure realized that her tiny pink hands couldn’t hold on. As she slipped down the red vines, through the marshmallow she realized this might be her last visit with this owner to such a wonderful land.

With a soft thunk she landed on a cold hard surface, but instead of being sad.. Little Miss Adventure is happy because she has been in this land before and knows how awesome the owners here can be.

What do you think her next adventure will be? I would love to hear.. If your child has the answer please leave it in the comments!

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