and not let it turn into a job you hate?

I’ve been asked this on numerous occasions. It’s true sometimes when you take something you love to do and turn it into a job you can become “over it” fast.

I personally have kept my love of photography by always taking time to shoot for myself. When I shoot for myself I don’t worry if it will be a perfect shot, or if “they will love it” or if it will get chosen for an album/card/canvas or anything else. When I shoot for myself I shoot to please ONLY myself .. and if anyone else likes it then that’s cool too. When I shoot for myself I shoot with whatever camera is handy and don’t worry about the “professional quality” of it. This goes for all my Iphone images (not the best resolution ever -but they capture images that mean something to me), my various Polaroid cameras (although they are quite often requested by clients) and mostly I say this for my Holga camera.

It looks a bit umm “ghetto” .. but seriously it’s my FAVORITE camera!

holga love

and as such the Dreamy images it produces are often my favorite and are the images I love to share here on what once started as “film friday” but turned into “film friday on saturday.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy taking them!

The following images were taken in July at a street festival in downtown Campbell, CA. If you are the owner of one of these beautiful images and would like a complimentary copy please drop me a note (

*these images have only been altered by the reproduction of the scan and the addition of a watermark. I hope to print these in the dark room soon…

So if you’ve turned your love/passion/hobby into a job maintain the love for it by remembering to set aside some time to do it for YOURSELF! because in the end YOU are the only one that matters to YOU!