I debated about what to post today. Do I post a fun couple in love?  Do I post some sexy ladies.. and risk blowing a surprise? Do I post a family full of love?  ARGH!!! What to post what to post??

AND THEN…..dun dun dun. It hit me!!!


There’s only one time in my life that I will be a called a newly wed!!! Only one time in my life that I can say . .. I just got married to the most awesome man EVER, just this year!  And only ONE TIME in my life that I will be able to say, I’m still on my Honeymoon!!! I mean the first year is the honeymoon phase right? Or so they say…

Antique shop polaroid

So today on this Valentine’s Day.. 02-14-13 I will not post any client work. Instead it is all about my Mister!!!!

Happy First Valentine’s day to my Piggie!!  I love you very much !


oh yea some of you may recognize him as the Hungry Assistant, because yes he has not only become my better and more hungry half. He is also my very helpful assistant. He has quickly learned which lens is which. He is awesome at scouting out locations for me, and making sure they are safe. Things like “wow honey the light is great, too bad you aren’t on a  shoot” actually come out of his mouth when we are  on a date.  He is the best camera bag, purse, sunglasses and scarf holder. He can push a BOB while making sure Sophie the Giraffe is within hands reach. And most importantly he is always ready to make silly faces, meow like a cat and do the Incredible Hulk pose to help my tiniest of clients giggle!!!

Here’s a  few more of my favorite wedding pictures!


All our AMAZING pictures were taken by Micaela Go!