Thank you to everyone who entered this New Year’s contest!!!  I really enjoyed reading your comments there were tons of great things happening in 2010!  Let’s keep that momentum going! I would love to have you all drop by in 2011 and let me know how things are going , update me on your kiddos, husbands homecoming from their tours in the US Service, home decorating, travel stories to near & far places and anything else you might want to share! Or just stop by and say hello!  I promise lots of great stuff coming in 2011.

And since this is a Winner announcement post …. let’s carry on!

“winner winner chicken dinner!!” lol sorry I couldn’t help myself.

Congratulations to Liam Fairbairn who said the following

“my favorite thing about 2010 was moving into our new home. I have two young kids (3 and 1), and we had outgrown our old house. Now, my daughter and son each have their own room and we have a place to start new memories together.”

update- forgot to say how the winner was chosen- i used a random number generator

I will be emailing you to set up your free portrait session!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!

and since no one likes to not win ( I know I sure hate it), I will be emailing everyone who entered with a consolation prize. As this is my first contest of the year and because I’m in a great mood after reading everyone’s comments!!  (if you don’t hear from me email me at to claim your consolation prize in case you entered the wrong email.)

and since no post is complete without an image….

Moving forward in 2011!!!

See you all soon!!

san francisco SOMA district
san francisco SOMA district

taken with the iPhone via an the instagram ap