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I met this little guy soooo long ago. He was just a tiny little baby then.

He’s always been a GREAT baby and his mom, well forgitaboutit!

She’s super awesome, she’s the kind of person you can go hang out with and just sit with for hours talking

about everything and nothing or just not talking at all!

I was so excited to meet dad for a family session finally!

When I fist saw this little guy I almost fainted he was no longer the little baby from oh so long ago , nor was he the toddler I had seen barely starting to walk and grunting his way along back at Christmas.

He was this little person RUNNING past me!

In that moment a huge safe fell on me and I saw stars as I realized WHY I love photographing families so much!

(Yea I grew up watching bugs bunny!)

It’s the tiny teeny itty bitty babies.. that I see grow up! I am already a little sad to know that one day this little guy will be going off to college.

He will go from a toddler exploring everything and clinging to his red truck, to a grown up man.

OK now i’m getting all lame and sappy – so instead¬† let us continue to enjoy how cute he is at this age.

See you soon not so little guy!!

Next time let’s have cookies and milk and discuss the complexities of the universe- because he’s going to grow up and be a super genius.