A few years ago I was honored to be the photographer at a vow renewal ceremony. It truly was an honor not only because I have known them since I was a freshman in high school but also because I think it’s awesome to be married for that long and want to get “remarried” without never having gotten unmarried. Um did that make sense?

They belong to Viejitos car club, San Jose Chapter. All the beauties were at the celebration. I didn’t lose a beat and while in between ceremony & reception I took teh opportunity to shoot a roll of Fuji in the parking lot.

This is a scan of a proof sheet of the whole roll. I’ve slowly been printing each frame on fiber paper in a wet darkroom, the old fashion way. 😉 I absolutely love Vintage cars!! What do you think?? Do you have a favorite vintage car or are you more of a modern car lover? Let me know I’ld love to hear.

Oldies but goodies... Taken with an "oldie"