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Ok it’s really Saturday morning. But let’s pretend it’s Friday. 😉

Thursday I photographed an intimate San Francisco wedding. After the ceremony I played tourist a bit. These are just two images from that day.

The first is a well known landmark. It’s huge and breathtaking. However it is not invincible. Back on September 11, 2001 many Americans feared this landmark would be attacked. At that time many of us felt small and powerless. I love this image it is a reminder of how relative everything is. In this image the Golden Gate bridge doesn’t look as big.

From a view point

This next image is of San Francisco City Hall. The architecture is amazing not only on the outside but on the inside as well. If you have never been you should go in and take a look around. You can get married and pay taxes at the same location. It is also the site of the 1978 double homicide of Milk & Moscone . And if you rather hear of fun events then be sure to check out ll teh music events that happen in the outside in the quad area such as Lovefest.

city hall.

While being a “tourist” do you stick to the tourist path or do you prefer to get lost and find hidden treasures. I would love to hear. Tell me about it here