Contrary to popular belief in some parts of the US, Cinco de Mayo (May 5th) is NOT the celebration of Mexico’s Independence day. Today, September 16th is Mexico’s celebration of it’s Independence!

A quick history lesson: September 15th : What is now known as El Grito de Dolores (the scream of Dolores) happened late on the 15th. This started the war by leading the insurgents into Guanajuato where many Spaniards were and on the morning of the 16th the revolution began.
I’ve talked about my home state, Guanajuato before. The capital is also named the same Guanajuato. Here many battles were fought during the 11 years long fight towards freedom from the Spaniards.
There were many heroes in this story, some had their heads hung in Plaza’s by the Spanish, some fought with nothing more than sticks and stones but there was one man ridiculed his whole life for his physical & mental deformities who showed great heroism. He is known as El Pipila (read more about this here). He now stands overlooking the city of Guanajuato ever so watchful. This image (October 2007) is a small tribute to him, taken from el Jardin de la Union.

-disclaimer I am in no way a Mexican history buff. Mexico’s history is so rich and diverse as well as dates back many many civilizations worth. However I am proud to be Mexicana ( even if I’m also very Americanized)