I teased you back in this session with this gorgeous little girl and her smile.

I am happy to share this whole session with you!

san franciscoI am sad to just have met such an awesome family and already say goodbye.

You see they moved back to the East Coast and this session was taken as they said goodbye to San Francisco.

as you can tell the kids aren’t too happy to leave!

I loved spending time watching the parents. They are such a  great looking couple!

I asked how they met.. High school sweethearts!! Isn’t that awesome to still be in love after so many years.

I love how he looks at her in this next image

san francisco beach

Each child is always unique! These three were no different although they did agree they liked the foods their mom cooked for them!!

They were all adorable, however this little one I fell in LUV with!!

She has so much energy and spunk and doesn’t let her big brothers get too far ahead!

As she gets older I bet she will have lots of scrapes and bruises from skatebording, bike riding and chasing her big brothers!!!!

I wish the whole family the best, on their new venture!

Nick & Sarah: I hope you guys come back and visit and give me a ring -or I can always fly out to capture more fun times! 😉

(leave well wishes for the family in the comments below! )