I received a note from Japan a million years ago telling me  she really wanted me to photograph her family!

Gladly I would have jumped on a plane and flew to Japan for this.. but she said she wanted her portraits in California.

HM ok.. too bad for me I love to travel.

Then one day she emailed me to tell me she was living in Alaska ( and luckily because a few days after that Japan wasn’t the place for anyone to fly to) and coming to the Bay Area soon.

Fast forward many months later They finally came!!!!

military family

and fast forward much much much later .. and I’m finally blogging this session!

Told you all I am catching up.

But anyways….

I have known Mary Ann since she was a little girl say 4th grade! She grew up beautifully!

And even more beautiful is her family

and her kids who I immediately fell in love with. THEY ROCK!

And I loved being a monkey with them!!!

We even made friends with an interesting fellow

I could sit here and ramble and tell you funny stories about what we did and how awesome they are but instead

I want to leave you with these images and let you come up with your own awesome story!

See you guys soon! Thanks for making the trip from Alaska JUST TO TAKE PICTURES!! he he

Leave some comments tell me what you think each child will grow up to be.. and how the crutches came to be. 😉