engagement session, iphone included

Congratulations to Margarita & Scott!! I can’t believe their wedding is a few short months away. I teased you guys with this session here.

I am so excited to share this session with everyone and looking forward to the wedding!

Margarita is one of my closest friends, and on some days I think she knows me better than I know myself. We “met” on a basketball court in Jr. High I was 5’3″ or so she was 10 feet tall or so it seemed to me. She remained known as “The really good basketball player, you know The TALL one”, and that is what her name was until the first day of high school. I beleive we had lockers next to each other (alphabetical order and all) and she overheard me talking about my “boyfriend” who happened to be in a  boy band called Menudo ( who I had actually never even met), from that instant we were friends because you see her “boyfriend” was also in this same boy band. Yes we were total dorks and that is how a true friendship is born! (I might one day even share an old school picture of us- possibly on her wedding post- stay tuned HE HE )

Years later….. I would say about 10 years 😉 ….. Margarita met a man who would soon become her Best Friend. With him she could share her love of Michael Jackson, drag him to Expose reunion concerts and share a  Guinness after a long day at work.


O'Flaherty's Pub SanJose, ca Engagement session

Scott & Margarita make me happy when I’m around them. Scott is an amazing guy with a great personality! Honest, I’m not just saying that to be nice. It’s true!! I especially love the way he looks at Margarita when she’s telling a  story and how he talks about her. It’s super cute.

Downtown Campbell , orcahrd coffee house

Their unique personalities are Perfect compliments to each other!

Notre Dame, Mitty

Railroad tracks , downtwon san jose, california

I know I went on and on about how amazing Margarita is and how Scott is perfect for her. I could also go on and on about Scott but I think I’ll save it for the weddding.

I will share the following image which I think says a lot about Scott’s personality, style and attitude!

John Hughes - Duckie comes to mind, Pretty in Pink

When I saw his shoes I (not so secretly) fell in LOVE with him.. err with the shoes.

What can I say I am a die hard Duckie fan! Awww SWOON!

And since it was an ENGAGEMENT session, we had to have a little bit of Public displays of affection.. and what better place than an old freight elevator!!

frieght elevator, downtown San Jose

For now I can only say … The wedding is going to be AMAZING! They are getting married in one of my favorite churches, the groom will be looking fabulous and the bride .. well let’s just say I saw the dress. WOW!

Feel free to leave a comment below for the couple!