You know when you meet a couple and you can immediately see that they are perfect together. That is totally Doug & Grace! They get along great and joked with each other throughout the session. It was so much fun!

And I haven’t even mentioned how romantic the woods are.

I think The most romantic moment is the split second right before the kiss, regardless of location or climate. What is your most romantic kiss scenario? tell me here

We met at Muir Woods, in Mill Valley. I had personally never been there. It was amazing. The trees are huge! There are nice paths to walk on, which I loved. And like I already mentioned it is super romantic. Except for all the tourists running around, which didn’t phase this couple.

When asked where they met. Doug simply replied “in jail” ..I thought it was a joke and commented casually about who the troublemaker was. Well….later as we were heading to our cars I was chatting with Grace about school and work. Which led me to ask (again) how exactly they met. Grace replied we were co-workers. A-ha! Causally I asked where, to which Grace replied “at Juvenile hall” WOW!!! They did actually meet in jail. They were both working as teachers. That is so awesome. What really made me love this couple more was hearing Grace tell me a story, about how they both wanted the same full time position. But that when Grace saw how good Doug was with the kids she knew he was the better person for the job, and didn’t persue the opportunity. AWWWW.

I love capturing moments like this. When the couple forgets I’m there.

They will be getting married in a few weeks and can’t wait for the wedding! I know it’s going to be lots of fun.