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I recently gave you a sneak peek of these two, as my way of helping you not go into cute dog overload. Today You get the whole amazing overload of cute pictures!!! At the end of the post you might feel the way you feel after a day at the fair, so full but oh so happy and can we do it again?

I met up with Liz of Trick Dog Treats and 2 of her kids for a pet session in the beautiful downtown Burlingame, CA. If you have furry dog kids and you haven’t “liked” Trick Dog Treats, you should totally run over there and “like ” the page to see where you can get your kid (s) some treats!

Meet Penny.

She immediately won my heart. She is a total fireball!!!  She investigated everything! And loved eating the grass!

2013_04_03_film_103a_WEB - film

The above two images were shot on film.

2013_04_03_13b_WEB - film

pet photography

Penny has a brother Digby.

He is the sweetest Labrador ever! I also fell in love with him and he fell in love with me too! How do I know, well because he came over and cuddle up against my legs! OMG! I Died! I love when a dog shows me he loves and trusts me by getting that close!!

film images, Rocket Dog Rescue, labrador

The above are shot on film.35 mm film pet photography

Digby was rescued by his momma from Rocket Dog Rescue.  If you follow my blog you’ve heard me talk about Rocket Dog Rescue before, if this is your first time here,  (WELCOME!) you should totally go check them about and help spread the word about what an awesome job they are doing rescuing dogs and placing them in good homes! AND if you are thinking about getting a new four legged family member, please consider adopting from Rocket Dog Rescue, or any other rescue.

black and white photos of labrador

Please contact me (info@marianamaya.com) if you have amazing dogs that you love and you have lots of empty walls that need artwork!! I love dogs and love to help people fill up their walls with beautiful art pieces featuring their dogs!!

and because you need to see just 2 more pictures…

pet photography

pet photpgraphy