Adam & Salina = The Engagement

They say that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. NOT so for this couple. Salina was in Vegas for a girls trip from California. Adam was there on a boys trip from New York!! They met and Salina said they hung out till way late having instantly bonded. Adam knew he couldn’t be apart […]

Vidal & Debi + Love = Baby Bump

As promised last week here! A maternity session is so special it deserves it’s own post.The following images show how beautiful Debi’s baby bump is! As well as how much love both parents have for each other & for their little one. Maternity sessions are fun especially in today’s age where the Baby Bump is […]

Adam & Salina + Golden Gate Bridge + Sneak Peek = Engagment Teaser!

I had an absolute blast with Adam & Salina! They were so much fun!! And up for anything!! I leave you with this very tame image that shows how beautifully happy they are! Be sure to check back for more from this awesome couple! Be sure to leave a comment for them below!!