San Francisco City Hall wedding sneak peek

Everyone always says their wedding day went by so fast it is now just a blur of a memory. However the one thing that never goes away is how they felt. I love this image… it is exactly that! An image of a day gone too fast but filled with love and happiness! another sneak […]

Vidal & Debi + Love + San Francisco City Hall = Intimate Wedding!

Vidal & Debi are so awesome! They were so fun and a joy to be around. I especially love the way Vidal looks at Debi. His eyes light up each and every time! Debi had mentioned that she is a little camera shy, I think she is beautiful. I especially love her baby blues- Franck […]

Vidal & Debi + Sneak Peak = Teaser!

If this isn’t what you call sneak peek! Then really I don’t now what is. The first image almost borders on a “Peeking Tom”. HA! Vidal & Debi are awesome! They had the most intimate wedding with only two loved ones towitness . & me!!! Seriously!! I Love my job!! I get “invited” to the […]