3 Tips to help you make a great first impression with branding portraits

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Branding portraits is a term used to describe a more relaxed natural style of headshot. A branding portrait shows off your personality, they can be taken indoors or outdoors and many times look like a magazine shoot. However for a profile picture sized at 400 x 400 pixels a non-distracting background and a focus on your face works best. 

Here are some examples of images that work great as a profile picture. They are all friendly and welcoming.

Are you ready for your headshot? But wondering how to look and feel your best? Keep reading for my 3 top tips to ensure you come away with a great headshot you will be happy with. 

Top 3 tips to take a great new headshot

Tip 1: 

Wear clothes you are comfortable in. 
I'm not talking your Thanksgiving night stretchy pants or sweats, nor that 20 year old concept t-shirt from the first concert you ever went to. Unless of course concert t-shirt and jeans is what you wear to work daily. (Like me) What I mean is: if you wear a suit and tie, full make up on a daily basis and this is what you feel comfortable in then GO for it! But if you have never worn a suit and full make-up before, then I would recommend wearing something similar to your daily work outfit. The key to a great headshot is being comfortable in front of the camera and wearing something that makes you feel your best. 

Tip 2: 

Hydrate and rest.
Drink lots of water so your skin looks its best and rest. We all should do this every day of our lives, but realistically so many times we don't. I am the number one worst person about drinking water, after all there's water in coffee right? But unfortunately for our bodies this isn't enough. Rest. Sadly we aren't machines and being tired reflects in our complexions. 

Tip 2: 

Be Yourself!
This should really be tip #1!! Remember the above mention of not wearing a suit if you don't wear one to work daily? A headshot on LinkedIn, your website or attached to your email account is the first impression of you, if they have never met you before. Let them see the AUTHENTIC you. I think this is especially important if you are using your headshot in your job search. Recruiters and hiring managers will be making assumptions of you based on 5-8 seconds of looking at your tiny picture on your profile. Make sure it represents you and the person who will show up to work every day.

There you have it! 

Next up is booking your session to kick off the new year with an updated portrait of yourself to make a great impression. 

Ready to update your headshot?

New Year, New Headshot. 

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