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I am sure these little feet will grow into big feet that belong to a  strong man molded by both his parents!

His dad says ” “when he grows up he will be the best man that I could never be and I will help him by being the best role model that I can be.”

Watching his dad with him. I know he will be a great dad!!

See for yourselves..

His mommy was just as awesome with. And she was so down to earth! I asked her to share a little about how they felt when they saw this precious baby and here is what she said.

“Seeing the first ultrasound brought everything into reality as we caught him sucking his thumb.  Then getting to hold him gave an overwhelming calm – like not having a care in the world aside from the three of us.  The feelings of his dependence on us, and our dependence on him continue to grow – amazingly even faster than he is growing.”

“Bryan and I are very fortunate to have Wyatt in our lives.  Words cannot describe how much I love my son… and i  am sure it will only get better from here. “

Bay bridge, San Francisco

Thank you for sharing our family with me! I look forward to seeing this little one grow into an amazing toddler, boy, man!!


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