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Ok Let me just say how much I’m loving my new site and the big pictures!! I hope you love them too.

Her name is Azucena, it means White Lily. But I call her Azu or Zay-Zay. My dad used to call her Zayna and a few people call her chuchis…regardless She’s one of my two sister and there’s a brother too! All of which will possibly make a debut here.

This post is a bittersweet post. A few weeks ago I shot my Little sister (um yeah she hates that I call her that especially when I tell everyone I’m the little sister). Anyways we had so much fun. It was pretty cold out but she was a total trooper and a big ham in front of the camera we just had fun. Zero inhibitions and a lot of goofing off.

We did a little hill climbing, she was wearing cute boots I was wearing grimy flip flops. We didn’t really think it out obviously but still it was fun.

Later she changed into something more casual and warmed up by doing like House of Pain and ” jump up jump up and get down”

Oh and here comes the bitter part…. She MOVED this weekend and not just across the Bay. She moved across the country to some place in North Carolina. I mean really what is there??? Ugh!

So anyways, this little Just because session was a fun adieu. And when the moving truck arrives with a framed print from this session I expect a photo of it hanging in her new home. 🙂