This family session was full of love not just the love of a family, but also my love for them.

I hadn’t seen the boys since almost a year ago, and in that year they had grown in so many ways. Not just physically but emotionally;  stronger,  and closer to becoming great men like their father!  You see … their father was a great man taken abruptly from this world. A  man who was always a great friend to me, a wonderful husband to Patty and one of the best dads ever to each of these boys.

Patty has an amazing relationship with these boys. You might be thinking like I do “Oh my god 3 boys!! How does she do it??” Well after spending time with her and watching her interaction I can tell you: she does it with all the love in the world, patience and lots of humor.

Individually they each have their own personality

however together as a family, they are one. I love this next shot, because sometimes you just have to be silly!

David continues to live and is reflected in each of these boys.. and in his wife’s heart.  I love you guys!

army in memory of