A million years ago I teased you all with this sneak peek and after a long wait here it is!

Brian & Elena are my really good friends. I love them both equally and am very fortunate to have them in my lives. Brian always makes me laugh, if you know him you know he is CRAZYYYYYYY!! underneath his sillyness he has one of the biggest hearts I have ever met too!!

Elena always keeps it real for me and puts things in perspective. Her laugh absolutely lights my world up when I’m feeling blue.

These are a few images of their very intimate engagement party of which I was very honored to be invited to.

It was a night full of good times

& some really Great story telling!! I almost peed my pants at this story- look at his expressions!!

And yummy food!

My favorite moments of the whole night were when Brian & Elena shared these moments, which sometime in the future will be remembered like a wonderful dream … fuzzy and in a distance yet have the warm feeling of reality!

Love you guys!!

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