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…decided to go a back to the location where their engagement photos were taken- Natural Bridges. (not by me- although I was at the wedding), to do their first official family portrait with their 10 month baby girl.
I was very honored to get a call from a longtime friend asking me to do this very special portrait session for them. After much planning the day finally arrived! I was very nervous, what if the beautiful weather was a facade and over the hill it was muggy cold very overcast. Or worse what if the sun was shining soooo hard that all the pictures would be blown out??!!

Upon arrival to Natural Bridges in Santa Cruz CA I let out a deep sigh- the weather was perfect, a bit chilly but only by California standards. 😉 and by baby standards as the little one found it a bit cold and shivered through a few shots before being wrapped in a blanket. She was a complete trooper and a joy to shot. I even had the joy of watching ( and photographing) as she discovered sand and its texture!! well enough of my blabbing..see for yourselves.

Many thanks guys! Can’t wait to do it again!!