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A vibrant day trip to Tlaquepaque

Tlaquepaque, Jalisco Mexico | Travel photography

Tlaquepaque, Jalisco should be on your must-visit list if you are planning a trip to Guadalajara, Mexico. Located the outskirts of the city, this charming town offers a delightful blend of culture, cuisine, and vibrant street life that captures the heart of Mexican tradition. Join me as I share our day exploring Tlaquepaque, from savoring street food to enjoying traditional folkloric dances, all through the lens of our travel photography.

catedral in Tlaquepaque, jalisco

Artistic Dining in Tlaquepaque:

We specifically went to Tlaquepaque for brunch at Casa Ledezma, to experience one of Tlaquepaque’s unique dining spots. We chose a beautiful restaurant known for its artistic ambiance and homage to Frida Kahlo. The restaurant’s walls were adorned with stunning paintings of Frida, creating an inspiring and colorful backdrop for our meal.

We enjoyed their amazing tasting dishes, where we got to choose from a variety of typical dishes. We had a variety of small dishes, noone went hungry especially not my Mister who is a bottomless pit and has been known to eat 2 meals in one sitting. 

Dining in Tlaquepaque is not just about the food; it’s about the experience. The restaurant we visited perfectly encapsulated the town’s artistic spirit, blending culinary excellence with visual beauty. This is a perfect spot for travel photography enthusiasts. Every corner of the restaurant offered a picturesque setting, perfect for capturing the essence of Tlaquepaque’s artistic soul.

travel to Tlaquepaque, Jalisco, Mexico
travel to Tlaquepaque, Jalisco, Mexico

Travel Tip: Credit Card or Cash?

Not all places take a credit card. The street vendors definitely do not take credit card, and its faster if you have cash available. Therefore,  I encourage you to take Mexican Pesos with you. Dollars are accepted some places, however the exchange rate is usually rounded way down. 

Travel photography in Tlaquepaque
Travel photography food in Tlaquepaque

Day Trip to Artisan Towns of Jalisco from Guadalajara

Visit the towns of Tonala and Tlaquepaque, both known for their artisan crafts, on this day tour from Guadalajara. Learn about the history of the Tonaltecas as you explore the town’s murals and historic buildings. In Tlaquepaque, where mansions have been transformed into shops and galleries, wander around the main plaza and visit the town’s other structures and monuments.

Travel photography in Tlaquepaque

Plaza Del Pueblo: A Culinary Delight

No visit to Tlaquepaque would be complete without witnessing a traditional folkloric dance performance. As we strolled through the town, we came across a lively performance in the main plaza. The dancers, dressed in vibrant traditional costumes representing the state of Jalisco, moved gracefully to the rhythm of Mexican Mariachi music. Their performance was a beautiful display of culture and heritage, captivating both locals and tourists alike.

Watching the folkloric dancers in Tlaquepaque is an experience that goes beyond mere entertainment. It’s a deep dive into the cultural roots of Mexico. The dancers’ expressions, the music, and the audience’s enthusiasm all come together to create a mesmerizing spectacle. The dynamic movements and colorful attire make for stunning photographs that tell a story of their own.

Travel photography food in Tlaquepaque
Travel photography food in Tlaquepaque

Travel Tip: Best day to go?

Every day is a good day to go. However, Sunday’s are extremely packed with tourists and locals so be prepared for extra long wait times for a table.

Family Fun in the Plaza:

Our adventure in Tlaquepaque ended on a high note with a family photo in the picturesque plaza. The plaza, with its charming architecture and lively atmosphere, was the perfect place to relax and soak in the town’s vibrant energy. Surrounded by shops, cafes, and the cheerful chatter of locals, it was a wonderful way to conclude our day.

The plaza is the heart of Tlaquepaque, offering a communal space where families, friends, and visitors can gather and enjoy the town’s charm. Whether you’re sipping on a refreshing drink from a nearby café or simply people-watching, the plaza provides endless opportunities for memorable travel photography. The combination of historic buildings, street performers, and the friendly ambiance creates a perfect setting for capturing the spirit of Tlaquepaque.

Travel photography in Tlaquepaque

Take a visual day trip with me via the Vlog. 

family portrait in Maui Hawaii

Heading to Mexico and want to document your trip?

Book me to photograph your trip, all or part of it and get the added bonus of a fluent bilingual photograph that can help guide you in Mexico for “Local’s Only” experience and perspective, and help you navigate the cultural nuances. 

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