I had the great pleasure of photographing the talented, not to mention beautiful Josephine Harmon! She’s not only an amazing person who I call a friend, she is also an incredibly talented make up artist! I highly recommend her.

Having a professional make up artist do your make-up for any photo session makes a world of difference! Not only does it help perfect your skin (without cosmetic surgery 😉 ) but you also feel ultra pampered and special.  During the shoot you can play up that Diva feeling and have fun!!

ok so back to Josephine’s session.

She did a mother-daughter session, which is just in time for Mother’s day!! Her mom was such a natural in front of the camera and absolutely beautiful. I think she may have modeled at some point in her life. I really do!!  I asked but she said no. Hmmm What do you guys think?

This session was a bit challenging at first because Josie’s mom is deaf, and I’m used to chatting directly with people during sessions. And if you know me I’m a total chatterbox.

However, Josie translated and did a great job and some of what her mom was signing I understood.So I asked Josie’s mom to tell me a story about Josie when she was a kid and she told me that Josie used to eat a lot and was a fat baby!! I absolutely understood that -no translation needed.

The session was full of laughter as you can see in so many of these images. I had the best time ever watching the  special relationship between Josie and her mom.

Thank you ladies!! Can’t wait to see you two again.

And Josie I can’t wait to work with you on another wedding/portrait session!!!!