It’s so hard to think back to when this little one was just a few days old.  and a tiny little thing.

Each time I see her for her portraits, I’m amazed at how much she’s changed.I love her smile that makes her eyes disappear! her mom says it’s the same as grandma’s smile.

And she always manages to surprise me with her personality that is one all of her own, completely different from her big sister or her parents.

I also love the glimmer in her eyes and that spark of recognition when she sees me. Or maybe it’s a baby high that she gets to be in the spotlight.

She’s a natural model!

The thing that I love most about my sessions with babies and watching them grow is that in 10, 20, 30, … years when these moments have begun to fade from the memory,

there will still be evidence of when they were more than just a faint memory.

I’m looking forward to capturing her 1 year old portraits! As well as attending her First Birthday party and watching her dig into her Birthday cake!!!