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5 Tips to take great holiday portraits of your children

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Holiday portraits sneak up on us each year and as much as we vow to book a family portrait session early it falls off our to-do list. I totally get it!  There are so many other priorities and especially with this weird covid-flu season. But don’t worry- You can take great portraits of your children and have your cards printed in time! 

This week is a perfect opportunity to capture some great photos of you children, and possibly with a few loved ones. After all Thanksgiving dinner is a time to gather and depending on where you live the leaves outside could make for a beautiful; Fall portrait session of your kids. 


Here are 5 tips to take great holiday portraits of your children for some last minute holiday cards.

Tip 1: 

The best time to take your children's portraits. I find that between 9 am and before noon, or between 1-3:30pm works best.  During the Fall season you have great light, and you will also have children who are not cranky. After breakfast they are fed, wide awake and tend to be happy. The same goes for after lunch. A full belly is a happy belly after all. 

Tip 2: 

Capture their expressions from above. Especially if they are little thisi will remind you in the future of how tiny they were. And of a time they looked up to you. ;-).

Tip 3: 

Let them pick out their outfits! Or if you pick out their outfits dress them in brights to make for a fun festive portrait. 

Tip 4: 

Let your children run around and show off their personalities! This will make for a fun candid portrait that your family will love! 

Tip 5: 

Don't stress! Life is short. Enjoy the moment. Don't worry about capturing a perfectly exposed, perfectly in focus picture. Afterall, life moves fast. And sometimes these blurry out of focus photos make for a perfectly imperfect moment with a great story to tell over and over at future family gatherings! I find thatDon't worry 

And there you have it your 5 tips for great DIY holiday portraits of your children! Tag me on Instagram (@marimaya) and show me your photos using these tips! 

If you are looking for a self serve holiday card printer check out Shutterfly. You can also print gifts for friends and family! 

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Would you rather have me take this year’s photo?

You are in luck! I have a few date and times available – Contact me to book your holiday sessions ASAP  to ensure you have your photos back in time.

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