My adventures at Inbound 22 in Boston, MA

Inbound 2022, in Boston, MA, was inspiring this year. Some of the highlights were listening to President Barack Obama, Viola Davis and my childhood hero Jane Goodall.

As a lifelong learner, not just as a photographer or as a business owner but also for personal growth I enjoy conferences and workshops. I attended from a Marketing perspective to learn more about Hubspot, however I definitely walked away being truly inspired to learn more and continue to grow.

Sea full of Love {Santa Cruz, CA film photographer}

A few weeks ago I was not feeling so well. Physically, mentally and emotionally. I was in a FUNK! and not in a good way. It was one of those weeks when you just need a day to run in wet sand and pretend you are 8 again without a care in the world. Spring […]

Happy Friday!!

The sun is shining! I haven’t posted as many posts this week..but stay tuned! I Have a small back log of sessions to post! And this weekend I will be all over the San Francisco Bay Area shooting lots of amazing people, at different stages of their life!!!What are you doing this weekend? Let me […]

How do you say goodbye? {Gilroy, CA}

{I started writing this post on Monday Feb. 1st, I couldn’t find the right words to honor my friend and instead will be true to our friendship and just tell it like it was/is} Death is always sad no matter what age. In fact I’m not on talking terms with the Grim Reaper. He has […]