Meet Bunny, she’s looking for a forever home.

I recently met the cutest most adorable girl ever, her name is Bunny. She has gorgeous caramel color eyes, a wet nose, a big heart and oh yea 4 legs and a tail! Please help her find her forever home. She is currently being fostered by the most awesome foster mommies a girl can have […]

The cutest & most energetic little girls ever…

I think I always meet girls full of energy and honestly I LOVE IT! Here’s a sneak peek of an unscripted moment I was fortunate enough to capture! here’s a sneak peek… the rest will be revealed in a few weeks after their holiday cards go out!  

Family Portraits at the park. Oakland portraits photography

Hello everyone! It’s been such a  busy (pre-holiday) season, and in taking a quick break from editing and designing Holiday cards for you I am back blogging. What is back blogging you ask? It’s when I blog sessions that might be a little bit older then a few weeks old. Sessions held back to keep […]

Surrounded by love

This post is a a sad post. Yet a happy one as well. That’s very contradictory, I know. Lydia called me to talk about scheduling a portrait session for herself & her children with her grandparents. I always love shooting grandparent sessions, so of course I was super excited. As life happens for many people, […]

Sneak peek…..

happiness…….is what these kids bring me as I edit the session as I relive it. more soon…

Family Portraits in the garden!

 The best thing about being a family portrait photographer is all the wonderful families I get to meet! I met up with this wonderful family at an amazing location, Shakespeare Garden. It made such a  wonderful backdrop to compliment them perfectly. A family isn’t just a bunch of people with the same last name. It’s […]