Superbowl XLIV Sunday giveaway!

SO i just found out the game doesn’t start until 3pm PST so .. entries taken until then. Ok so I’m not even going to try to pretend that I know anything about football, other than there’s a quarterback, a running back, a brown football some people call a pigskin and a referee or two. […]

9:09pm on 09-09-09 GIVEAWAY!!!!

Hi everyone- As a total night owl who loves repetition in images. I thought it would be cool to give away one fun “Just Because!” session to one random lucky winner! What is a Just because session?? Well it’s a photo session you book well JUST BECAUSE! no reason at all. They are super fun!! […]

What is your First… from your wedding day?

I am curious. When you think back to your wedding day. What is the first memory/image that pops into your mind? Is it the moment you saw your future to be walking down the aisle or standing at the alter? Is it your first kiss as husband & wife? Is it the cake cutting? Or […]